Frequently asked questions

How much does BookLinker cost?

It's free!

Can I use the Amazon Associates / Affiliate Program with BookLinker?

Booklinker does not support affiliated links. If you are interested in taking advantage of Amazon's affiliate program with your BookLinker links, you can upgrade to a Geniuslink account.

What link formats do you support?

We support product links from any of the Amazon storefronts. Note that Booklinker does not currently support the shortened "" format.

Can I use BookLinker to build links to Kobo or Apple Books?

BookLinker is specifically designed for authors and publishers promoting books and author pages on Amazon. However, you can upgrade your BookLinker account to a Geniuslink account to create localized (affiliate) links for Kobo and Apple Books.

I have more questions, where can I get help?

We'd encourage you to check out our BookLinker Facebook group to see if your question has already been answered or to get help from the BookLinker community.

You are also welcome to email us at but please note that in order to continue to operate BookLinker as a free tool we review and answer question once a week. If you need more immediate assistance we'd encourage you to view the Facebook forums.

Can I share my BookLinker links on __________?

Yes - your link can be shared anywhere.

How do I upgrade my BookLinker account?

See how to upgrade your Booklinker account...

Can I revert back to BookLinker after becoming a Geniuslink user?

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations we can only move accounts from BookLinker to Geniuslink and not the other way around.