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Genius Link has everything you love about Booklinker, plus:

  • Earn commissions on all your sales, even international ones, by connecting Amazon and Apple Books affiliate programs to your account.
  • Marketing tools, including retargeting and channel reporting
  • Click-based pricing, as little as $5 per month
  • Choice Pages: Let your readers choose where to buy on a beautiful landing page for your book.
  • Marketing tools, including retargeting and channel reporting
  • Send readers to custom destinations, based on their location or device.
  • Full reporting: Know who's clicking and where to double down
  • Amazon Link Health: Know when your book is out of stock or the link is broken
  • Link organization with notes, groups, and and tagging
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Introducing: Choice Pages

Want to give your readers more choice? At Genius Link you have the option of creating a gorgeous landing page for each link, showing your cover art and links to different retailers.

How does the upgrade work?

Booklinker is a simple, free link localization service powered by Genius Link. We now allow BookLinker users to seamlessly upgrade their account and links to take advantage of Genius Link’s full capabilities.

Once upgraded, all of your links and reporting comes with you into your new Genius Link account so you don’t have to start over. In fact, you can now take these old BookLinker links and put new life into them by converting them to Choice Pages or adding custom destination to optimize the buying experience for your readers.

Affordable click-based pricing in one plan

Starting at just $5 a month, you get all the features and only pay based on the clicks that come through your links, at $5 per 2,000 clicks. That means you pay less during those months when you aren't promoting, and you can seamlessly start up a campaign at any time without worrying about your plan's capacity.

How to Upgrade

Contact us!

Contact our team at Genius Link and we will migrate everything over to your new account. You will have all of your existing links and reporting inside the much more powerful Genius Link dashboard!

Please note that the upgrade process only works one way. Due to technical limitations we cannot migrate an account from Genius Link to BookLinker.